Corrections Needed in NYT...Again

The New York Times, in its Dec. 21 edition, runs an editorial critical of Israel for its approval of plans to build several thousand homes in East Jerusalem and in an area known as E-1 that would link the capital with nearby Maale Adumim, an Israel town in the West Bank with a population of 40,000 ("The Fading Mideast Peace Dream"). The editorial describes E-1 as a "project northeast of Jerusalem that would split the West Bank and prevent the creation of a viable contiguous Palestinian state." In making this assertion, the editorial spreads two lies: E-1 development would not split the West Bank.  And E-1 development would not prevent creation of a viable contiguous Palestinian state. How do we know this?  The New York Times itself told us so in a recent correction it ran about similar false allegations regarding E-1 that had appeared in its "news" section.  In its correction, the Times acknowledged that E-1 development still would leave sufficient room in the...(Read Full Post)