Boko Haram suspected in deaths of 12 Nigerian Christians in church attacks

The African terrorist group Boko Haram who have been responsible for dozens of attacks on Christian churches and clergy in recent months, appears to be behind a Christmas eve attack on two churches in Nigeria. CNN: At least 12 people died in northern Nigeria when attackers raided two churches during Christmas Eve services, police said. One assault occurred at the Church of Christ in Nations in Postikum, in Yobe province. Gunmen attacked worshipers during prayer, killing six people, including the pastor, and setting the building on fire Worshipers also were attacked at the First Baptist Church in Maiduguri, in Borno state. A deacon and five church members were killed. They were the latest strikes against Christians in the region. More than 30 people died in a wave of Christmas Day attacks in the north last year, blamed on Boko Haram, a militant group that has targeted Christians and Muslims it considered insufficiently Islamist. [...] In October, a report from Human...(Read Full Post)