As long as we are banning stuff...

If the 2nd Amendment is responsible for Newtown, Conn. then let's have a look at what really kills Americans. Guilty and innocents alike. Let's legislatively ban the obviously responsible parties in each category of unnecessary death. (using Left-think)

Smoking related deaths - 434,000+

We have to immediately punish all tobacco retailers for these deaths. And the people who smoke tobacco. And who manufacture matches and cigarette lighters. In fact, we must immediately ban all forms of combustible weeds.

Obesity related deaths - 300,000+

Ban all food. Now. It's nearly too late.

Medical mistake-related deaths - 225,000+

Appoint VP Joe Biden to Chair a Blue Ribbon Panel to determine what must be done to prevent medical mistakes, Funeral Directors cheer. Casket manufacturer stock prices soar.

Poor or non-existent health care-related deaths - 100,000+

Know who's getting your healthcare? Prisoners, illegal aliens and welfare recipients. That's why Grandpa can't have nicer catheters.

Vehicle related deaths and costs - 42,000+

Maybe this is the secret to Government Motors, et al. Eliminate vehicles and thus eliminate unplanned death. Note I said unplanned death.

The top five accidental death categories are - Choking (2,500 p/annum) Fire (2,700 p/annum) Falling (25,000 p/annum) Poisoning (39,000 p/annum) and vehicle (already listed) Obviously we must rid our culture of things that choke, any means of combustion,  we must all slither on our bellies like snakes to keep from falling and well, as to poisoning? Hard to reconcile with the Left's predilection for drugs and illegal drugs. 

And then there's abortion. Abortion is death, after all.

Abortion; death of the most innocent. A total of 827,609 abortions were reported to CDC for 2007. In 2008, approximately 1.21 million abortions took place in the U.S.

No current data is available. Or, bluntly - 3,325 every day of the year in 2008, meaning 139 innocent lives every hour. Or, 5.3 Newtown catastrophes every hour for an entire year, round the clock. Clearly sexual congress must be outlawed since it can lead to the death of an innocent child. Because it's all about the children, isn't it?

My head can't wrap around the logic of the Left shouting for law-abiding, well mannered, adult American citizens - from whom the government derives its right to govern - to have their 2nd Amendment weapons forcibly taken from them when the same political crowd not only endures the staggering volume of termination of innocent life on a scale that would make Hitler cringe, but glories in it.

Tell you what. The Left gives up Roe v. Wade, renounces it and never again goes near the question of abortion and I will afterwards agree to a "national conversation" about the 2nd Amendment and what it really meant to the Framers. They go first. That will signal their sincerity. Absolute constitutional rejection and elimination of abortion.

What's that? Getting rid of abortion will cause needless death and anguish? It's a woman's right to protect her body from others who don't have the right to tell her how to preserve and defend her sovereignty, especially as pertains to her safety and well being?

You don't say.

American Thinker contributor Paul Kengor accurately penned the Left's invincible ignorance. In relation to the question of guns, that invincible ignorance is married to a mind bending hypocrisy that is so far beyond the pale there is no reaching them.

But we must soldier on.

BTW - how many armed men protect Mayor Bloomberg and why is he more important than you? I thought being a citizen meant we are all equal before the Law?

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