A dysfunctional government brought to you by 'low information voters'

The news that TIME named President Obama as "person of the year" was no shock.  I'm sure that Governor Romney would have been selected if he had won the election. The most interesting part of the article naming President Obama was a paragraph in the 2nd page: "Few experts predicted two years ago that Obama would be busy writing his second Inaugural Address. Pre-election polling showed depressed enthusiasm among young people and Latinos, for example, amid soaring interest among white evangelicals and the elderly. But the poll questions did not account for Obama's secret weapon: the people who don't much care for politics. A sizable chunk of the President's most ardent backers don't admire either party yet think Obama is somehow above it all, immune to all the horse trading and favor mongering that politics entails. These voters aren't political in the cable-TV sense of the word. But in 2012, they stuck by Obama. In the last month of the Obama campaign's voter registration, 70%...(Read Full Post)