Work is for suckers

The GOP has a golden opportunity, if it has the wit to grasp it. Mitt Romney was correct in bemoaning the reality that we have 47% of the population receiving a subsidy from the federal government, but he chose the wrong focus. Instead of framing the recipients as the problem (and be accused of insensitivity or worse), we must focus on the people who work themselves hard in order to make ends meet, and how unfair it is to penalize them, so as to bring them an after tax standard of living worse than they could have enjoyed by taking advantage of the myriad dependency subsidies available. Our culture now revolves around victims, and it long past time that the GOP exploited the favorite technique of the left. It is time to call hard working Americans an "endangered species." "Tyler Durden" at Zerohedge has been writing about the crossover point at which income one might as well just take a permanent vacation and just collect benefits instead of rolling out of bed every morning and...(Read Full Post)