We've got trouble, right here in New York City

New York 99 per centers living in places Staten Island, Bay Ridge and Coney Island in the outer edges of Brooklyn or Breezy Point and Far Rockaway in Queens suffering from flooded homes, no heat or electricity, possessions destroyed, and lack of good and gas. But their suffering was nothing! nothing! like that endured by the network's star Alex Baldwin and his newest wife who bravely carried on as  NBC's Brian Williams discovered.  

"Just one couple, one guy with a story like so many others," Brian Williams intoned, concluding a profile of Alec Baldwin's struggles on Thursday's "Rock Center."

The program profiled the actor's trials and travails in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - photographers, dog walking-and his effort to help his neighbors, quietly. 

But now, the Baldwins, Williams and other valiant New Yorkers must endure even more deprivation as Nanny Mayor Michael  Bloomberg cancelled the New York City Marathon, succumbing to the wishes of a few selfish people who thought it was insensitive to run in some of the hardest hit neighborhoods, diverting resources such as generators for electricity, water and police and medical personnel to the runners.  

Hmmm, Williams didn't have much to say about the situation in Benghazi--the Baldwins and the Marathon were so much more important.