Truth-telling on Petraeus

The Petraeus Affair is a hall of mirrors, full of so many distractions that the truth cannot be perceived. Nearly the entire pundit class is consumed with following the many titillating and alarming questions being raised. They are legitimate, but they are also distractions from a very, very big reality, that is so unpleasant that it requires a powerful and brave mind to see beyond them. Fortunately, for those willing to listen, a truth-teller, who sees the underlying reality, no matter what the heck was going on among the Real Housewives of Centcom, is available to explain things. David Goldman, who also writes as Spengler in the Asia Times, has written an essential primer. Start with his article in the Asia Times. Spengler pieces the veil of illusion around the figure at the center of it all: It seems fitting that the director of Central Intelligence should be the first casualty of an election where both sides had more to lose than to gain by mentioning foreign policy. My...(Read Full Post)