The task ahead

So there it is.  Apparently a sufficient number of Americans susceptible to the fabrications, false promises and the faux celebrity persona of Barack Obama have re-elected him as President.   Those of us, who still maintained an unshakable belief in the basic character and integrity of a majority of the American people, have been proven wrong.   It is obvious that this nation has not fallen to the depths necessary to awaken it to the dire prospects over the horizon that will assuredly come to past with the leadership the people have chosen.

Within the next four years this nation will see a further erosion of its financial standing as trillion dollar deficits will continue, due the economy descending into a recession as taxes are raised on the investor and entrepreneurial class.  Interest on the national debt will skyrocket and the gross domestic product will stagnate.   Job creation will be virtually non-existent and the threat of hyper-inflation will loom over the landscape. ObamaCare will now become the law of the land and access to medical care will in the hands of bureaucrats. America's standing in the world will rapidly deteriorate as acts of terrorism will accelerate and the prospect of a major military conflict in the Middle East has increased exponentially.

The millions that voted to retain Barack Obama and the millions who did not bother to vote have subjected their fellow citizens to a bleak future, both immediate and long-term.   Many of us who have lived beyond three score years remember the unlimited future that lay before us when we graduated high-school or college.  There was no question that our lives would be better than our parents; and for most of us they have been. That scenario no longer applies to the generations that follow us.

It is now paramount that while we, as patriotic Americans, are facing the worst of circumstances that we do not give up on ourselves and prepare to survive the worst by getting our personal affairs in order, minimize our spending and debt and ceaselessly wage a never-ending political guerilla war against those who are now in power.  

Whether there is a nation that can still be resuscitated in four years will depend on what all of us do in our individual lives and in the public square. It is not in our nature to give up.