The Strib beclowns itself - says its NBA team is 'too white'

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune - either in an effort to pander to minorities or because it wants to generate controversy in order to sell newspapers - is advancing the ridiculous notion that the team owner is stockpiling white guys in order to cater to the state's 90% white population. This idiotic notion is backed by local "civil rights leaders" who never seem to miss an opportunity to racialize an issue. The story, titled "Timberwolves: Pale in comparison to the rest of the NBA," was written by Jerry Zgoda and Dennis Brackin, and points out the Wolves have only five black players on a 15-man team, or a 33 percent ratio. Overall in 2011, the National Basketball Association featured American-born black players making up 78 percent of roster spots. The paper calls this year's Minnesota roster "the league's whitest since the Boston Celtics teams of the 1980s." Local black leaders in the Twin Cities have noticed, according to the Star Tribune, "suggesting the franchise strategically...(Read Full Post)