The GOP must fight for its principles, or die.

Today seems to be a day for pessimism. A quick run around the internet and Twitter can reveal quite a bit.  The words being spoken are by no means encouraging. Moderates are blaming conservatives.  Tea Partiers are blaming moderates.  Various people are taking broadsides at Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol, Chris Christie, Grover Norquist, and, above all, Mitt Romney.  The Paul supporters are promising to withhold any support from the GOP unless they support libertarian ideas.  The establishment wants the party to slide to the left in an effort to woo minority voters.  Some are saying that it is time to raise taxes, others are furious at the suggestion.  Many are claiming that a strong third party is necessary to ensure survival. It goes without saying that a third party may provide a means to restore America to conservative ideals.  It may, however, guarantee that conservatives never win a national election again. At this moment I am convinced...(Read Full Post)