The GOP must fight for its principles, or die.

Today seems to be a day for pessimism.

A quick run around the internet and Twitter can reveal quite a bit.  The words being spoken are by no means encouraging.

Moderates are blaming conservatives.  Tea Partiers are blaming moderates.  Various people are taking broadsides at Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol, Chris Christie, Grover Norquist, and, above all, Mitt Romney.  The Paul supporters are promising to withhold any support from the GOP unless they support libertarian ideas.  The establishment wants the party to slide to the left in an effort to woo minority voters.  Some are saying that it is time to raise taxes, others are furious at the suggestion.  Many are claiming that a strong third party is necessary to ensure survival.

It goes without saying that a third party may provide a means to restore America to conservative ideals.  It may, however, guarantee that conservatives never win a national election again.

At this moment I am convinced that my party doesn't even know what it believes in anymore.

This is a lot bigger than an election.  This is a matter of principle, of ideology.  Planks are more than just parts of a ship.  A political party must have a clearly defined and articulated set of values.  If potential voters are drawn to those values the party wins.  If not, they lose.

You never, ever, abdicate your fundamental worldview for a win in an election.  This is called selling your soul.  What is said about people that do that?

What is wrong with the Republican Party?  Why is it that they feel that they have to dance around conservative principles?  Which is more important - the principles themselves, or forsaking them for a victory?

It is really a simple premise.  You believe that the U.S. Constitution is the rock on which or country is founded.  You believe that a large federal government is a threat to individual liberty. You believe that the free enterprise system is the best system to ensure prosperity to the most people possible. You believe that socialism is dangerous. 

If you believe it, THEN SAY IT.  Plainly.  Unabashedly.  Without reservation.

These are the basic premises that our candidates must run on.  They must offer examples from history on why they are right.  They have to offer facts and solutions. Show the citizenry the record of big government/high taxes versus small government/low taxes.   We have proven methods of success - run on them!  The truth is more important than egos, more important than electoral success. 

This is not the time for moderates or moderation.  Republicans must provide a crystal clear alternative to the voters - a leviathan, intrusive federal government or a small, responsive government that believes in the individual and the rights of the individual states.  Let the moderates decide what kind of future they want.  Because the truth is that if the United States does not rediscover the basic tenets that made us great we are done.  If we are at the point where a majority of our citizens are more concerned about getting things than preserving freedom the game is up.   We may already be there, the last election said a lot. 

So we may have one more chance.  Are Republicans going to offer an alternative, or are they going to compromise with the forces and ideals that are causing our demise?  The future of our nation is more important than electing a quasi liberal that happens to have an R by his or her name.

Our present situation reminds me of a quote from Abraham Lincoln:

As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.

Did you catch that, Republicans?  It is all up to you now.  You are the only thing between the United States and the aforementioned suicide.  Pull yourself together, gird your loins, and get ready to fight for the principles you supposedly espouse.

Unfortunately, we know what will happen if you don't.

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