The Democrats Are Not Good Losers, but They Are Fine and Dandy Winners

I am sitting in my office at Gleason's Gym on Saturday morning about 8:00.  I am waiting for my student, the Judge.  That's not just a nickname.  He is a judge.  I have been teaching him boxing for fifteen years. The last few days he has been sending me e-mails thanking me for my help on the campaign for the re-election of Obama.  He is joking.  He knows I hate Obama.  He loves him.  He wouldn't want to admit he loves him because he wouldn't want to seem gay.  He's not...unlike Chris Matthews, who seemed to cross that border with his "leg chills" remark. The Judge comes in and hands me another letter thanking me for my help with the Democratic campaign.  We crack up.  The air has cleared since the election.  There is less thud in the punches in the three boxing rings.  The Democrats are no longer so paranoid that their weakling president is going to get knocked out of his position.  He won.  They won. ...(Read Full Post)