Susan Rice will not be nominated for Secretary of State

After the 9/11/2012 murders of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama Administration was in full covereup mode. They required that someone go on five 9/16/2012 Sunday talk shows to make the case that our diplomats had died because of a YouTube video and not a terrorist attack.  The Administration did not want to pick an  individual familiar with any aspect of Benghazi. He or she would have  been subjected to challenging questioning (?) beginning with, "What did  you know and when did you know it?"  So United Nations Ambassador Susan  Rice was trotted out. Her relatively clean hands allowed her to  present a false narrative and get away with it. Today, anyone with a  lick of sense knows that she (however innocent) was the carrier of the  YouTube lie.       President Obama will not even nominate Susan Rice for  the position of Secretary of State for the simple reason that at...(Read Full Post)