Selfish government one per centers take care of themselves

Before FEMA workers scattered  at the first sign of inclement weather they took care of business--their own.  Steven Kuhr, who earned $153,000 a year, "ordered clean-up crews to remove a tree from his Long Island property ahead of more serious problems following Hurricane Sandy."

Steven Kuhr, whose title was the director of the State Office of Emergency Management, was in Albany when the storm hit, leaving a tree in his driveway.

As crews worked to clear wreckage throughout state, including those whose entire homes were destroyed, Kuhr called Suffolk County officials and asked for the favor, the source said.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) was forced to fire him.  Now if this had been a private business or done under a Republican administration, imagine the outcry.  But after all, under the Democrats, the taxpayers work for the government, not the other way around.