Secretary Clinton travels to Middle East in last ditch attempt for cease fire

In what many observers believe to be a last chance to avoid an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton abruptly left the Asian summit she was attending with the president in Cambodia and flew off to the Middle East to meet with Israeli and Egyptian officials in hopes of finding a formula for a cease fire. Reuters: "We want to ... send a clear message that it's in nobody's interest to see an escalation of the military conflict," U.S. deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters in Phnom Penh. Clinton's mission appeared to signal growing U.S. alarm over the prospects of a threatened Israeli ground invasion of Gaza as Palestinian rocket fire and Israeli air strikes continued for a seventh day. Washington has seemed powerless to affect unfolding events and has faced criticism of a hesitant response, and the Gaza crisis has dogged Obama on an Asia trip meant to show a "pivot" East as the United States winds down wars in Iraq and...(Read Full Post)