Romney kicks off final weekend with star studded rally in Ohio

It's The Big Finish - what they refer to on Broadway as the "show stopper": no good musical comedy or political campaign should be without one. With that in mind, Mitt Romney kicked off the final weekend of the campaign with a rally to remember in Ohio. Politico: Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan fired up the Republican base here Friday night with the biggest rally yet of their campaign as they headed into the final weekend before Election Day. On a frigid fall night - you could see your breath in the air, and organizers handed out fleece blankets and hand warmers to the press - 100 GOP all-star surrogates gathered in this key state, some throwing red meat to the sprawling crowd and stressing that Ohioans hold the fate of the election in their hands. It was an awesome visual. Those appearing with Romney and Ryan included former GOP rivals Rick Santorum and Rick Perry, and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte. They lined up in...(Read Full Post)