Can Ohio Candidate Josh Mandel Win the Senate Majority for a Republicans?

Ohio voters may be the ones who decide both the Presidency and whether or not fiscal conservatives have a Senate Majority.  Long time Democrat pol Sherrod Brown, running for re-election, has the most liberal voting record in the Senate.  He is being opposed by a thirty-five-year-old Tea Party Republican candidate named Josh Mandel, a Marine who served two tours in Iraq.  Josh Mandel made a name for himself by winning as Ohio State Rep in a heavily Democrat district, and then won the position of State Treasurer.  He cut his own salary, helped get Ohio's fiscal house in order, and earned the state a triple AAA credit rating.  He stands for small government, religious freedom and the 2nd Amendment, and an energy policy that will bring jobs to Ohio and the nation.  Mandel won the backing of a united front of conservative activists in Ohio, who got together in an informal caucus after the GOP primary, to make sure they could immediately start mobilizing a...(Read Full Post)