Obama's Teary-Eyed Speech

Being a narcissist -- and knowing how it has wracked me with mania and distorted my judgment so that I have no sense of being other-directed except in how it reflects on myself -- I can't help but be dismayed by the blossoming of Obama's narcissism when he gets tears in his eyes addressing his Chicago staff.  "I'm really proud of all of you." 

I mean, that's a good start.  But his pride and sanctioning imply a grandiose self-love.  What he's really proud of is his minions celebrating him and loving him.  He is really proud of them being proud of him.

Obama is love-starved because he came from a broken ideological family who were in love with their rebellious principles and their clichéd ideas rather than each other.  In Obama's youth, interracial families were rather uncommon, and he must have felt that he stood out as unusual.  He was the focus of attention.  He was the reflection in the pool.

Narcissists don't really lead.  They follow their own shadows.

Then Obama goes on to say to his crew in Chicago, "What you guys accomplished will go on in the annals of history."  He is historic, but he shouldn't preside over himself like God over his flock.  He should be modest about his place in history, because it clearly wasn't earned.  It was bestowed upon him like an affirmative action degree, like an invented Nobel Prize.

Obama reminds me of A Midsummer Night's Dream, where Titania takes Oberon's love-potion and falls in love with Bottom, the ass.  Obama's economic and military moves have been asinine.  Yet the country still falls in love with him and his leading from the posterior. 

I thought Romney would win and pin the tail on the presidential donkey.  But through a failure to get the single women vote, the black vote, the Hispanic vote, and the liberal vote, Romney put the crown on Obama.  He anointed him.

Not his fault.  It is the fault of the voters who are kneeling at the mount, listening, sopping up watered-down Marxist sermons.  Remember that Obama's mentor was the communist ideologue Frank Marshall Davis.  And his religious leader was the anti-American, Jew-hating Reverend Wright.

Your heroes are your aspirations.  Don't people realize that Obama has ingested his role models?

The sheep who admire Obama can't possibly understood how he is destroying the country.  They say vote, vote, but they might as well say baa, baa.