NY Times Predicts Obama will take Netanyahu to the Woodshed

It's no secret that the New York Times detests Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu -- in its news columns as well as on the editorial page. So it comes as no surprise that, after President Obama's second-term victory, the Times relishes the prospect of Bibi getting his comeuppance, big-time, from the White House. In a post-election dispatch, Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren eagerly reports that Netanyahu may have risked Israel's "collective relationship with Washington" by rejecting Obama's demands for concessions to the Palestinians and by showing a preference for Mitt Romney, a long-time friend of the prime minister. "His strained relationship with Mr. Obama may prove more than a temporary political headache," Rudoren writes. She goes on to quote Israeli pollster Mitchell Barak, who opines that if as expected Netanyahu is returned to power in Israel's January elections, "we all know he is not the right guy" to deal with Obama. Piling on further, Rudoren darkly...(Read Full Post)