Minnesota and Oregon Newspapers Not Endorsing Obama

The Oregonian in Portland did not include the presidential race in their list of endorsements for 2012The Salem Statesman Journal endorsed Romney for President. Both papers endorsed Obama in 2008.  Here is what the Statesman Journal had to say.

Romney has solid record

The Olympic movement can be so full of infighting and intrigue that it makes Congress seem like child's play. Romney skillfully navigated that political and economic quagmire, replacing scandal with credibility at the Salt Lake Games. Furthermore, Romney served a solid term as governor of Massachusetts.

His flexibility on issues has earned him a reputation as a flip-flopper, but we think it actually will be an asset in dealing with Congress. It shows he is not rigid ideologue.

Romney has an excellent vice presidential choice in Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, who is not the extremist that Democrats have portrayed. Ryan is bright and thoughtful, and his congressional experience complements Romney's background in the private sector and state government.

That business skill cannot be overstated. Romney's leadership will inspire businesses to re-invest in workers and products, re-building the economy.

As for Minnesota, according to the chart at Editor & Publisher every paper in Minnesota that has issued an endorsement has endorsed Romney except for the far left Minneapolis Tribune.  It's 24 to 1.  While many of these have small circulations the list includes the papers in Duluth.