Orca implications

I can't imagine Romney is happy with what happened with the GOTV but it looks like it could go further than that. Ben Howe at Red State:

According to all the sources I spoke to, the breakdown of the campaign can be traced to the primaries. One source saying "they looked at the guy who could raise the most money in history as a ride" adding that "money no longer matters. That's the problem," also referring to the campaign overall as "the biggest political flim flam of all time." The result of all of these false numbers and inaccurate ground reports is simple: Mitt Romney was ill-prepared for the actual numbers on election day and his false sense of confidence directly translated into how the campaign operated in the closing weeks. In the words of one source, it was a con job. As David Mamet famously said, "If you're in the con game and you don't know who the mark is ... you're the mark." Mitt Romney had no idea what was coming.

Were Romney's campaign staff so wrapped up playing an inside game to settle old scores with state party operatives and with feathering their own nests that they lost focus on winning the election?     If even half of what is at RedState is true Mitt Romney could do a huge service to the nation by making sure these morons never work on another political campaign.