Harvard apologizes for hummus, couscous on its resturant's "Israeli mezze station''

I'm not making this up.  But here's one of the craziest PC howlers yet.  And it comes to us from Harvard, naturally. To highlight its dedication to multi-culturalism, the restaurant of Harvard's Business School rotates various ethnic menu items.  Among the latest was an "Israeli mezze station" that served hummus and couscous. An Arab graduate got wind of this and launched a campaign on social media against this "affront" to Arab sensibilities.  How dare the restaurant, she fumed, describe hummus and couscous as Israeli when they're actually Arab foods.  She went on to charge that it apparently wasn't enough for Israel to have colonized Arab land, now it was expropriating Arab delicacies. And on and on grew her denunciations, while they promptly multiplied in cyberspace In response, a Harvard spokesman apologized and said that, after due and thorough consideration,  Harvard was "deeply troubled' for this to have happened and, groveling with profuse...(Read Full Post)