Gazans celebrate terrorist attack on Tel Aviv bus

At least 10 people were hurt, 2 seriously, when a bomb exploded on a Tel Aviv bus. If any reminder is needed of who the Israelis are dealing with, Hamas and their allies were glad to oblige:

News of a terror attack in the heart of Tel Aviv was welcomed with joy by Hamas. Though Hamas did not claim responsibility for the attack, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri commended the attack. "Hamas blesses the attack in Tel Aviv and sees it as a natural response to the Israeli massacres... in Gaza," Abu Zuhri told Reuters.

Abu Zuhri added that "Palestinian factions will employ all means to protect the Palestinian people in the absence of global efforts to halt Israeli aggression."

No group has officially claimed responsibility for the attack, but it was reported that the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, a terror organization affiliated with Fatah, may have been behind the bombing.

Islamic Jihad also delivered praise of the attack: "This is a victory for the blood of shahids." Top Islamic Jihad operative responded to the attack in a television interview with Arab networks, saying: "All means are valid; including a suicide bombing."

The Popular Resistance Committees lauded the Tel Aviv terror attack as well.

Earlier, the al-Mayadeen network in Gaza reported of celebratory gunfire in response to the explosion on the Tel Aviv bus.

The network also reported that Hamas welcomed the bombing, describing it as a natural response to the "massacre of civilians" during Operation Pillar of Defense.

The Tel Aviv bombing was also praised from Gaza mosque's loudspeakers, while Hamas' television interviewed people praising the attack as a return of the terrorists' trademark tactics.

And if any more hints about the nature of Israel's enemy were required, this is what they do to their own people:

Hamas unleashed a savage show of violence Tuesday, killing six Palestinians suspected of spying for Israel - and dragging one of their lifeless bodies through the streets of Gaza.
Witnesses said the masked Hamas gunmen forced six people suspected of collaborating with Israel to lie face-down on the street at an intersection in Gaza. The gunmen shot them dead, witnesses told The Associated Press.
An angry mob stomped and spat on five of the bodies and the sixth was tied to the back of a motorcycle.
"Spy! Spy!" the people screamed as the corpse was hauled off.

Hamas later posted the names of the alleged informants on a utility pole. The victims were suspected of leaking intelligence to Israel on key Hamas targets.
It was a stomach-churning reminder of what the Israeli forces massed on the Gaza border might face if they invade the densely packed territory of 1.6 million Palestinians.

Israel is poised for a ground offensive unless someone can pull a cease fire rabbit out of their hat. To my mind, while it is tragic that civilians suffer the consequences of Hamas' deliberate provocations, there is also a rough cosmic justice that brings down ruin upon a people who cheer attacks on innocents.

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