Coming soon to America? Assisted suicide sit-com

We've imported a lot of programs from the BBC in the last few years; "Homeland," "Top Gear," and "Antiques Roadshow" to name a few.

How about a comedy on that side-splitting topic of assisted suicide?

BBC Three has now officially announced Way To Go, a black comedy series about three ordinary guys who find themselves forced by an extraordinary set of circumstances into setting up an assisted-suicide business.

The six-part sitcom will feature The Inbetweeners star Blake Harrison, Marc Wootton (La La Land, Nativity) and newcomer Ben Heathcote.

The comedy is based around brothers Scott (Harrison) and Joey (Heathcote) and their friend Cozzo (Wootton). After Scott is moved by a terminally ill neighbour's request to die - and at the same time faced with a predatory female employer, a split from his girlfriend, and a desperate life or death need for cash to pay off his brother Joey's gambling debts - he and his best mate Cozzo stumble towards what they think is their only solution: an assisted-suicide machine. A deeply illegal situation about which they will have to keep very, very quiet.

Along the way, the 20-something mates find love in the strangest ways, fall out with each other and are touched by some of the people they come across. But it's their own inadequacies and personal circumstances that most often lead to comedy in the darkest of situations.

Anyone familiar with Monty Python or Benny Hill knows that the Brits have a special brand of humor that we Americans sometimes have problems relating to. But assisted suicide as a topic for comedy - even black comedy?

Sorry, BBC, but there is comedy, and then there is bad taste. A comedy about a controversial moral and ethical issue crosses that line.

Of course, this makes it perfect for Hollywood to import since they specialize in bad taste. But finding something funny about an absolute tragedy is going to be a challenge.

Maybe they'll blame it all on Bush.

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