Cease fire hopes fade as Israel prepares for Gaza ground assault

Hillary Clinton is in Cairo meeting with Egytpian President Morsi about how to revive the stalled truce talks that seemed so tantalizingly close to coming to fruition yesterday. Reuters: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi on Wednesday in Cairo to discuss a possible truce in Gaza, Egypt's official news agency reported. Clinton travelled from Israel where she had met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. On Tuesday night she pledged to work for a truce "in the days ahead". Negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel, mediated by Egypt, have dragged on and there has been no let up in the violence. The talks were attended by Egypt's Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr and the U.S. ambassador, the news agency reported. Meanwhile, a terrorist attack on a bus in Tel Aviv that left at least 10 hurt my tip the scales and send the IDF into Gaza: Hopes had been high that a ceasefire was imminent -- Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi even said flatly...(Read Full Post)