AZ gun shop owner refuses to sell to Obama voters

This has got to hurt - and hurt the right people:

If you voted for President Obama, you won't be welcome to make any purchases at one Arizona gun store.

The owner of the Southwest Shooting Authority took out a full page ad in a local Pinetop, Ariz. newspaper that read "if you voted for Barack Obama you're business is not welcome."

Just to make sure the point got across, owner Cope Reynolds also posted a sign on the store's front door.

"If you voted for Obama, please turn around and leave! You have proven you are not responsible enough to own a firearm."

The sign is especially curious because it seems to advocate a form of gun control - an issue usually more identified with Democratic voters.

Reynolds did not reply to the Phoenix New Times when the newspaper called to ask how store clerks would identify Obama voters.

"Gun control?" Where did that come from? Sorry, nice try to spin the story in an anti-gun friendly way, but I've got news for ya: It isn't "gun control" if a private business owner decides not to sell to someone - for whatever reason. It is gun control when government forces the business owner not to sell. Gun control is a public policy, not private decision.

Here's the full page ad by the gun shop owner:

"Not responsible" describes the Obama voter perfectly.