Allen West needs your help now

As many AT readers must know, Congressman Allen West has filed a lawsuit demanding a full recount of the votes in his district. He won in two of the three counties, but there appears to be suspicious activity surrounding early voting ballots in the third county - Lucie County - where Congressman West was ahead and then suddenly dramatically behind within a 30 minute time frame in the wee hours of the morning following Election Day.

Congressman West needs help funding his legal team. He cannot use campaign election funds for this effort. Here is how we can all help out:

Send your check to Allen West for Congress - Recount. Including the word "Recount" on the check is crucial for the money to be applied to his legal fees.

Checks should be mailed to his campaign headquarters at:

Allen West for Congress

PO Box 1108

Stuart, FL  34995

Congressman West has spent his entire life defending our constitution, our liberties, our nation. Let each one of us come to his defense now in the most important way we can by donating money to his legal fund.