A New NTSB Candidate Arises from among the Democrats

By Democrat standards, this Massachusetts pol should be a shoo-in if the head job opens up at the National Transportation and Safety Board.

According to the Boston Globe, state highway safety director Sheila Burgess is being reassigned by the Deval Patrick administration due to some...er, problems with her driving record.  Burgess was appointed to the position by Patrick in 2007 at the request of Congressman James McGovern, for whom she  served as a fundraising consultant.  The issue appears to be a minor problem by Democrat standards -- a driving record which includes seven accidents, four speeding violations, and two citations for failure to stop for a police officer.  In all, Burgess has 34 entries on her motorist's record.

So how can that be a problem in a state where one U.S. senator is a phony Cherokee and the other is a phony Vietnam war hero?