Israel stems tide of illegal African migrants - Washington Post cries foul

Washington Post Jerusalem correspondent Joel Greenberg seems to be carving out a weekly quota of negative articles about Israel. Last week, Greenberg claimed that Israel's policy of isolating Gaza was "unraveling" because the emir of Qatar had managed to pay a visit to the Hamas-ruled enclave.  Never mind that about the same time Israel successfully halted and diverted a Gaza-bound vessel with its usual band of pro-Hamas provocateurs.  Or that the new Egyptian regime is allowing only a trickle of goods to reach Gaza.  Egypt doesn't appreciate radical Palestinian Islamists infiltrating from Gaza and killing its soldiers. If an anti-Hamas strategy was "unraveling," it wasn't on the Israeli side, but at the rival Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, where Mahmoud Abbas was fuming that the Qatari emir was guilty of lese majeste by tilting toward Hamas at his expense.  But Greenberg"s priority is filing copy that lends itself to anti-Israel zingers and spin. ...(Read Full Post)