2012 Ohio may be the 2000 Florida of the campaign

Pundits have been saying it for weeks; we may not know the results from the state of Ohio for many days -- and perhaps much longer. Jim Geraghty: Ohio (18 electoral votes) will be very close. The problem for Romney is that even if you toss out the polls that have unrealistic samples - i.e., the percentage of the electorate self-identifying as Democratic significantly ahead of 2008's 39 percent - you still have only one poll in recent weeks that has ever had Romney ahead - Rasmussen, and Rasmussen's most recent poll puts it at a 49-49 tie. Today's "Ohio Poll" from the University of Cincinnati says it's "too close to call," putting it at 50 percent to 48.5 percent in favor of Obama. There is a chance that the GOP turnout is as huge as the big crowds suggest, and the Romney campaign's confidence about coal country is probably well founded. The Columbus Dispatch poll also indicated that Romney enjoyed a "4-point edge in northwestern Ohio, which in past elections has proved a...(Read Full Post)