Your lady parts don't depend on the election

Sandra Fluke and her Traveling War on Women Show  is just the most visible spokeswomyn/persdaughter of the Democratic/liberal mindset, reducing wome(y)n to cliche alert...lady parts.  

Do women have brains?  Interests in music, finance, science?  What about their employment opportunities? Other economic matters? And  men? Do they have man parts that concern them? Is Planned Parenthood worried about prostate cancer? The Democrats certainly don't seem to think so. People, women especially, are just parts, gender specific parts and those parts determine how they vote.  

Proving they're frozen in the mindset of helpless women who have graciously been granted the right to vote, the President Barack Obama (D) re election campaign recently posted on Tumblr a stylized drawing of a 1920s female warning "Vote like your lady parts depend on it" with the tagline "Because they kinda do."  Hmmm. "The other guys have corporate lobbyist and special interests on their side;" the e card added, urging viewers to support the campaign, "we've got you."

But they don't.Binders of women, and men, protested, including liberals, so this campaign thrust was quickly withdrawn. But thanks to screen shots it lives forever as a vivid example of the Democratic hopeless and changeless attitude about women.