Would a President Romney Start the Drive for Team Freedom?

You're watching a football game. Painted across one end zone is the word "FREEDOM"; across the other, "OPPRESSION." The game is in sudden death overtime -- next team to score wins. Now -- if that field represents the American struggle between teams Freedom and Oppression (through Big-Government control of our lives), where is the ball currently located? I would say it's first and goal to go for Oppression. It's taken their team a hundred years to march the length of the field, using a string of quarterbacks with both Ds and Rs following their names, but now they stand poised to score the winning touchdown. If freedom-loving Americans give up just a few more yards, government will grow so powerful and intrusive that We the People will no longer be able to stop them from ruling every aspect of our lives. Game over. It is with this mindset that I approach the 2012 presidential election. I find myself in an odd place just days before America chooses her next president. A year ago, I...(Read Full Post)