Will there be any consequences for Secretary Clinton accepting responsibility for Benghazi attack?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has accepted responsibility for Benghazi security deficiencies. Now, who accepts the consequences of responsibility?  And what of the disinformation campaign? Accepting responsibility is only step one. The consequences of failure come second. Will the second part ever happen? No. Will Hillary resign? No. Will Hillary suffer any consequence for accepting the "responsibility" for under manning our hottest embassy situation on the  9/11 anniversary?  Will she accept responsibilities for the deaths that ensued after requests for additional security? No.  Will she be held on misleading the nation as to the causes of the attack. No. This is nothing more than an uncomfortable admission which serves as a diversion. Will Obama be held for his non attendance of intelligence briefings the week prior to 9/11? Or for flying to Las Vegas on 9/12 for a fund raiser? No. Hillary took the bullet. This is a vapid "end of story" empty...(Read Full Post)