What if President Obama told the truth about Islamist terrorists?

I'll begin with a caveat: Barack Obama is not stupid.  He's left-leaning politically to the point that he has difficulty fathoming the right side of an issue, figuratively or literally; he's inexperienced and naïve; he's devious and I think sinister as well; and he's playing women like a fiddle hoping to capture a second term in office on their hemlines...but he's not stupid.  That's why I believe that he knew from the very first moment that the Benghazi attack was an act of terrorism.  He implied as much during the Rose Garden speech that attracted so much attention during the second presidential debate. Like most terrorist attacks on Western targets, the Benghazi attack wasn't a pure terrorist play.  If it had been, the real terrorists would have been easy to spot and target, and they would have been eliminated quickly.  But terrorists are crafty.  They've learned how to make the most of the ignorance and stupidity of their fellow believers -- people...(Read Full Post)