The Left: Who is to blame for the coming Obama defeat?

For my mind, a little too pessimistic on their part at this point. Still, it's fun to watch liberals wail and gnash their teeth because many of them see the same thing that a lot of observers are seeing; what I called on my radio show a "slow motion surge" for Romney that doesn't appear to be slacking off no matter what the Obama team does. Jonathan Tobin writing at Commentary: Some Democrats are apparently not waiting for Barack Obama to lose the presidential election before starting the inevitable recriminations about whose fault it was. Whether writing strictly on his own hook or as a result of conversations with campaign officials, New York Times political writer Matt Bai has fired the first shot in what may turn out to be a very nasty battle over who deserves the lion's share of the blame for what may turn out to be a November disaster for the Democrats. That the Times would publish a piece on October 24 that takes as its starting point the very real possibility that the...(Read Full Post)