The Chicago Way travels to Florida

Abandoning his duties as mayor of Chicago, carpetbagging Rahm Emanuel (D) zipped off to Florida for an extended weekend to do his real job--campaign for his BFF, his former boss and fellow Chicago resident, President Barack Obama (D). 

Leaving behind the multiple problems he inherited from Chicago's former mayor, Richard M. Daley (also D!), such as high taxes but a budget deficit, increasing unemployment as  businesses flee, and the highest murder rate in the country despite (or because of) total gun control, Emanuel brought the Obama Democratic hopey-changey message to Florida.

"We're here to give you guys support," Emanuel said. "(We) want to make sure we bring this home. There are big things at stake. We gotta go out there and tell everybody, there are big things at stake." In Florida, with its 29 electoral votes, surveys suggest the presidential race is neck and neck. Obama's campaign is trying to recapture the energy that turned the state blue in 2008. "The energy is still there but it is not as high and you wouldn't expect it to be," said Obama campaign worker Blanche Turner. The mayor will remain in Florida until Monday, when President Obama arrives in Boca Raton on the state's eastern coast for the foreign policy debate. Emanuel says Obama's record is an advantage. "Said he was going to get us out of Iraq, he did it. Said we were going to focus on Al Qaeda, not only did that but brought justice to Osama Bin Laden," Emanuel said.

But...but... Obama also promised four years ago to bring down unemployment, to create jobs.  Didn't do it but did increase government dependency as use of food stamps and other government programs has soared that brought (the Democratic version of) justice to Americans.  

So, what kind of support do "the guys" need?  The Chicago Way support because most polls indicate that Florida's rich bounty of 29 electoral college votes is up for grabs.  And a usually reliable source of Democratic votes are from union members. 

Union officials, with their upper echelon 1% salaries, usually back the Democrats although their rank and file aren't always as enthusiastic.  But to nudge them properly along, earlier in the week the Florida AFL-CIO posted, as captured by tthe Weekly Standard's screen shot,  the following on their web site advocating early voting.  Yep, The Chicago Way has traveled to Florida.

There is a mantra that we --at the Florida AFL-CIO-- like to live by, "Vote Early, Vote Often". (italics added) On October 27th, we get to put it into practice, when the United Association of Plumbers and Allied Trades (UA) will host Early Voting Rallies across Florida. These rallies will not only be a chance to get you fired up, but it will also be an opportunity to get you to the polls before November 6th. The UA will have buses and shuttles ready at each location to take you to an early voting location and help move our country forward by participating in the democratic process. Bring your friends, coworkers, neighbors...or really anyone that you can think of that wants to make sure to get to the polls and beat the crowds on Election Day. It is up to all of us to secure Florida's future. The UA is stepping up, and now it is up to us to fill the buses and get the votes we need to win. They will be providing refreshments and food; so they want to make sure they have enough to provide for everyone. Click here to RSVP for a Early Vote Rally and Ride event near you!

Whoops!  Caught in the act, the union quickly changed their message to dutifully read, "There is a mantra that I like to live by, "Vote Early, and ONCE in every election."

Ha! We know better; we know the truthful and the original message of the desperate unions' tactics, the desperate Democrats' tactics; tactics, along with others, that Emanuel well knows--and is willing to use.

But will Florida's residents buy Emanuel's message?  Many of them fled Chicago and other  Democratic urban areas, not just because of the weather but because of the problems--high taxes, high cost of living and crime--Democratic governance seems to bring.  

Here is another form of support for those of you in Florida and other key swing states--watch your back, watch your voting booth, watch the ones who count the votes.  As Emanuel said, "We gotta go out there and tell everybody, there are big things at stake."  You've been...alerted.

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