Stop the presses! Wash. Post hands November victory to Obama

It's axiomatic in daily journalism that reporters try to get there ahead of the pack.  But there also are times when this eagerness to score a scoop can backfire. Witness an Oct. 6 dispatch by Karin Brulliard, the Washington Post's Jerusalem bureau chief, about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu apparently tempering suggestions of a possible strike on Iranian nuclear sites.  By itself, the thesis of her article is problematic.  While pushing for ever tougher sanctions against Tehran, Israel still brandishes a military option if sanctions prove inadequate. But where Brulliard's piece really runs off the rails is where she speculates about Netanyahu's supposed reasons for delaying a possible military strike until mid-2013, well after the U.S. presidential elections.  Previously, Brulliard opines, when Netanyahu held open the possibility of hitting Iranian nuclear sites before the elections, he sparked criticism of "interfering in the U.S. election," presumably in favor...(Read Full Post)