Romney heads for home with big money advantage

It's taken most of the campaign season, but Mitt Romney now has the upper hand in spending over Obama. Businessweek: Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had a financial advantage over President Barack Obama entering the final weeks of a campaign that polls of likely voters show as a dead heat. The final campaign finance reports before the Nov. 6 election showed that Romney, the Republican National Committee and super-political action committees backing his candidacy raised just short of $1 billion through Oct. 17. That's about the same amount as Obama, the Democratic National Committee and his allied super-PAC combined. Romney and his allies entered the last three weeks of the campaign with $151 million to spend -- $50 million per week -- while Obama and the Democrats had $114 million, according to reports filed yesterday with the Federal Election Commission. "Obama's campaign bet on their ability to define Romney during the summer season, and outspent him by a large margin...(Read Full Post)