Push calls in Ohio ask 'How can you support a 'Mormon' who does not believe in Jesus Christ?'

It's from a group calling itself "Catholics for Obama" and it highlights one of the major strategies of the Obama campaign; make Romney's Mormonism an issue.

US News:

On Wednesday Hudson also revealed that a group calling itself Catholics for Obama had been making push poll phone calls in support of the president's re-election bid. Among the questions being asked, he said, was "How can you support a 'Mormon' who does not believe in Jesus Christ?"

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The phone banker making the call, which in this case went to a woman Hudson identifies as "the head of a pro-life committee at a parish I know" reportedly also asserted that "President Obama did not support abortion" and that Planned Parenthood "helps children get healthcare and prenatal care and does not promote abortion." In fact, the group is one of the nation's largest abortion providers.

All this amounts to a whispering campaign that is both dishonest about the president's record on abortion and deviously attempts to divide the Catholic electorate on the issue of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's religion-something the Obama campaign has repeatedly promised it would not do. With the election getting closer, the comments and attacks are getting nastier. Some people, apparently, will do anything to hold on to power.

You'd have to be brain dead to believe that Obama doesn't support abortion or that Planned Parenthood aren't the country's largest abortion providers. But along with the Mormon smear, it points up the despicable nature of the Obama campaign in Ohio and how they will stop at nothing to win that state.

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