NY Times hits Romney for supporting a 'bellicose' Israel

There are war clouds aplenty throughout the Middle East.  Al Qaeda is setting up shop in Iraq.  A civil war in Syria is spilling over into Lebanon and Turkey. Iran, while racing to develop nukes, threatens to wipe Israel off the map. But as far as the New York Times is concerned in its coverage of the presidential campaign, the most pressing danger in that region is none of the above.  What worries the Times instead is Mitt Romney's full support of a "bellicose" Israel.  Any clear-eyed observer might come to the opposite conclusion -- that it's Iran's bellicose attitude against the Jewish state that threatens the peace of the region.  But the Times, with its unceasing Israel-bashing, sees it the other way around. In an Oct. 9 article by Trip Gabriel and David Sanger, the Times gets its dander up about Romney's assertion in his major foreign policy address that, in contrast to President Obama, he will never allow any daylight between the U.S. and Israel. Horror...(Read Full Post)