No Victory Lap for Romney Yet

Put the cork back in the champagne.  Mitt Romney hasn't won the presidency yet.  In fact, in battleground states, though the momentum has clearly been with Romney, the contests are still too close to call.  And close contests are about getting out the vote.  Don't underestimate the Obama campaign's capacity to turnout its voters or its work thus far in pushing early voting among key constituencies.     The general impression is that President Barack Obama and Democrats have better "ground games" in most key states than do the Romney campaign and Republicans. As was reported by Molly Ball in the Atlantic on Wednesday: While Obama's office in Sterling [Virginia] is one of more than 800 across the country -- concentrated, of course, in the swing states -- Romney commands less than half that number, about 300 locations. In the swing states, the gap is stark.      Then there's this from Ball: In a technical sense, the Romney...(Read Full Post)