More of the same needed from Romney in second debate

There has never been a relationship between a film and the coordinated attack on the US consulate in Bengazi. The fable was contrived by a man who dodges the responsibilities of his office and his sworn duties, at every turn.  This office was not forced upon him. He is no prince, no king, no pontiff. He wanted this office desperately. He campaigned to get it. He has since his inauguration been derelict in his duty to preserve the constitution at every turn.     We were attacked by terrorists and Obama did nothing - actually worse than nothing. He lied about the circumstances rather than react responsibly. He lied about just about everything rather than work on a problem. His solution for almost any issue is more authority in his or governments hands; a solution that matches life long pattern of shifting blame or responsibility.  We pray that in the upcoming debate sessions between Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney, that the Governor continues to outline the...(Read Full Post)