Losing your virginity is the same as voting for Obama the first time?

The Democratic war on women continues... Women as sexual objects, propelled by, caring for their lady parts, acting only on their uncontrollable hormones; passive creatures, unable to care for themselves, needing someone/something to care for them, ("The Life of Julia"). This is the foundation of Democratic attitudes towards women, their feelings about women.   And Democratic women agree, actively participating in this narrative.   Lena Dunham, the 26 year old wunderkind, the child of privilege, the Oberlin (Ohio) College graduate who created, writes for and stars in HBO's award winning Girls, (the contemporary Sex and the City for under 30 females) is obviously doing quite well professionally and financially (she also has a $3.5 million contract with Random House which will publish her book of essays Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's Learned). She is probably not bad personally as these latter two components take...(Read Full Post)