Obamas Jizya

Jizya is the tax imposed on non-Muslims in countries run by Muslims. It is a tax based on the individual's faith.  It is designed to oppress and embarrass non-Muslims and to convince them to convert to Islam. Obama has imposed his own Jizya based on what people believe in the HHS mandate. The HHS mandate imposes huge fines, or as Justice Stevens would say, taxes on people of faith who do not wish to pay for chemical abortion, contraception, and sterilization. The HHS mandate requires companies to pay for two kinds of chemical abortifacients as well as surgical sterilization. If a person says no they will not go against their faith; crippling fines, designed to destroy them, are imposed. For example the Hobby Lobby chain would have to pay $1,300,000 per day in order to not be forced to violate their religious beliefs. Effectively Obama is imposing a harsh tax on those who do not adhere to his faith. If they can't pay they are denied their First Amendment rights and they are...(Read Full Post)