Issa Benghazi Transcript

It is so hard to get coherent, reliable information about what happened in Ben Ghazi, and original documents are generally so helpful in winnowing out truth from chaff, I want to point you to a valuable source uncovered by JustOneMinute poster, JMH:

BTW, even though Issa's hearing primarily focused on decisions about Benghazi security arrangements which pre-dated the attack, the transcript is well worth a read in other respects. The saga of the closed circuit videos alone is just begging for forensic blogging. The indispensable Eli Lake has described them in considerable detail, but the chain of custody alluded to in the hearing speaks volumes about how and where the purported investigation(s) are "ongoing." I wish I could relocate the article I read which mentioned the as yet unnamed "agency" working the facial recognition angle. Unless you want to slog through the hearing on YouTube -- or pay the Federal News Service $617 for a full transcript -- you might want to bookmark my link for reference, because it took me a long time to find anything more than the witness's prepared statements.
Posted by: JM Hanes | October 28, 2012 at 01:44 PM