How would we know we were racist if the left wasn't there to help us?

Every white guilt stricken American knows they're a  racist and every progressive lefty is there to help the rest of us find our true racist self. But did you hear the news? The  Left thinks they have discovered evidence of a secret racist language  spoken in code by the Tea Party and other grassroots Americans. Words  like budgets, border control, voter identification, school vouchers,  gold standard, prayer, free-market, even the Constitution are believed  to be part of some kind of archaic freedom worshipper cult. How might  these individuals vote on election day? This question alone is enough to  give progressives a serious case of the hives. Naturally,  the only way for these code-breaking wizards to control such covert  linguistic heresy is to discredit any white person who speaks with even a  mere hint of a conservative tongue or, as they've done in more recent  cases, silence them altogether. How? Simply call them a...(Read Full Post)