George W. Bush Never Evaded Responsibility

Look here, upon this picture...

A man of character and honor, who deals with a damned difficult situation --- the attack on America on 9/11/01 --- and is smeared by the liberal media for two presidential terms.

That would be President George W. Bush and his Vice President Dick Cheney. Bush was Trumanesque: Harry Truman dealt with the Korean War and was attacked by the media regardless. Truman opposed Stalin at the start of the Cold War. Today Democrats worship Truman, but the hard left hated him when Stalin was alive. Just a little bit of media-fogged history.

Like Harry S Truman, George W. Bush made his share of mistakes, because the presidency is impossible to get one hundred percent right. When the real history is written of the Bush-Cheney years, they will look like the Truman years.

Abraham Lincoln was called a great ape during the Civil War, the Civil War killed more than half a million Americans, there were draft riots in the cities, and the South hated him for decades afterwards.
Good presidents catch a lot of grief.

The last two Democrats have evaded personal responsibility for their actions, and America is suffering bloody wounds as a result.

Bill Clinton evaded the threat of Al Qaida and Osama Bin Laden after the Twin Towers bombing of 1993, allowing Bin Laden years to dig deep into the safe haven of Afghanistan and Pakistan, to plan and execute the attack of 9/11/01.

Conservatives know that history by now. If you don't know it, look it up. Look up Bill Clinton's responsibility for 9/11. It's not hard to find.

Obama learned from the Clintons that the bodyguard of media liars will protect a leftist president, even at the cost of their own reputations and market shares. Billionaires like George Soros will pay for media liars when their jobs go down the drain, providing they follow the party line faithfully enough. The New York Times stock just dropped by 20% as its audience keeps walking away, but the "New York Times" brand continues to sucker the gullible. The supply of gullible people is endless, and in the worst case the NYT could become a nonprofit and be 100% supported by radical left billionaires.

Like Pravda and Isvestia, like PBS and NPR, the NYT is not dependent on a paying audience. Democratic Presidents can therefore lie and lie, day after day, and the media will not hold them responsible. That is the simple key to the last two leftist presidencies. It is the single most important factor in the fast degradation of American culture, education, all the rest.

Hillary Clinton has behaved abominably in the Benghazi scandal, but if Obama goes down, the Clintons will get a free chance at another eight years of presidential power from the mendacious media.

Still, those of us who care about character and honor in a president will see through the bodyguard of lies.
Karl Marx said "First, conquer the Organs of Propaganda." Today we do not have a free Fourth Estate. We have Organs of Propaganda.

Our only chance to survive as a free nation rests on the New Media. Yes, the Wall Street Journal editorial page and a few other sources are consistently libertarian or conservative. But in Europe even the Economist and the Financial Times have surrendered to socialism.WSJ is not invulnerable.

So the New Media --- the real Citizen's Media --- are crucial, and in a second Obama Administration they are bound to be assaulted. The left has no shame. The airwaves will be regulated by the FCC. The web will be censored by some gaggle of ideologues eager to exercise censorship over other people's minds. Google can automatically scan the web for prohibited words, and Google is run by Friends of Barack.

We want our presidents to accept responsibility. We do not want to be lied to every single day. Our freedom and our well-being depend upon it.

Just remember that there are men and women of honor and character. You can tell who they are. They do not have to be perfect, but their character should be beyond question.

Abe Lincoln had character. Harry Truman did.

Let the facts speak for themselves about Hillary and Obama.