French Socialists: Unfair That Some Children Have Good Parents

Socialist French President François Hollande is unhappy with the "inequality" of education in his country.  He thinks it's unfair that some children get schoolwork help from their parents at home while others don't.  To address this perceived injustice, Hollande plans to ban all homework in French schools and force all students to complete their work at school.  In typical socialist fashion, he wants to "foster educational equality" not by raising performance standards and increasing educational opportunities for everyone, but by punishing those children whose parents take an interest in their education and dare support them at home. As reported by France 24, President Hollande pledged last week "to ditch homework" for all French children as part of his latest socialist reforms.  His wide-ranging changes are "aimed at improving standards for over-worked French pupils, especially those in disadvantaged areas."  Hollande justified his actions by claiming that...(Read Full Post)