Effect of hurricane Sandy on the race? Your guess as good as anyone's

For those of you wringing your hands about the possibility that hurricane Sandy will hand the election to Obama. about all I can say is - relax. Since we can't control the weather, there's nothing we can do to control voter reaction to the storm. The president has stopped campaigning for a few days - at least he's stopped making campaign appearances. He will still be campaigning from the White House as I suspect he will be very visible over the next few days. He will be seen in constant contact with FEMA. with governors, first responders, the Coast Guard, and anyone else involved in emergency management. Who knows? He might even relent and appear at a news conference. The point being, this is one of the advantages of incumbency; he can play at being president while shaping the news to show him in the most favorable light. Romney will also try to be seen as concerned for those in the path of the storm. But Romney won't be able to offer billions in assistance, nor will any visits to...(Read Full Post)