Democrat Boss Caught on Video Planning Vote Fraud

In a shocking display of lawlessness and contempt for our electoral system, a Democrat Party boss was caught on videotape planning vote fraud. Art Moore of reports on the story:

The son of Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va. -- who serves as the field director for his father's campaign -- has been caught on video advising an undercover reporter how to fraudulently cast ballots in the name[s] of registered voters by forging utility bills and relying on the assistance of Democrat lawyers.

The investigation was conducted by James O'Keefe's Project Veritas, of ACORN exposé fame.

The undercover reporter approached Moran's son, Patrick Moran, and claimed that he and a friend wanted to cast votes for Virginia residents. According to WND, their conversation went as follows:

Reporter: There are 100 people who don't vote. He's looking for two guys to help him...

Patrick Moran: Crank it out?

Reporter: Yes. He's got a van and he and me were going to go around. ...

Patrick Moran: Rally these people up and get them to the polls.

Reporter: Well, he was actually going to get in a van and vote for them.

Patrick Moran: Ohhhh

Reporter: I know, but --

Reporter: It's scary, but I'm not. ... I don't want to lose, and I'm frightened.

Patrick Moran: Yeah.

Moran also unwittingly explained why Democrats steadfastly oppose voter-ID laws: he told the reporter that such laws would make vote fraud more difficult. Nonetheless, as indicated earlier, he had advice on how to circumvent the system at the ready.

Now, note that Moran talks about this plotted vote fraud as if it's nothing unusual. This raises the question: how many similar incidents occur that we never even hear about?

Another case we did hear about came out of Bridgeport, Connecticut, where just a week and a half ago Mayor Bill Finch was caught on video joking (boasting?) about being able to steal an election.

While meeting with Democrat CT congressman Chris Murphy, who is running neck-and-neck for the US Senate against Republican Linda McMahon, Finch said that "even if it takes a couples of days to get the results, 'You can be guaranteed you're going to get the vote,'" writes The Weekly Standard. By the way, Finch and Murphy were comrades in their state senate for four years, and Finch has a history of stealing elections via Bridgeport ballots.

Then there's another kind of machine politics. There was a report yesterday that voters in Guilford County, North Carolina found that their Mitt Romney ballots automatically defaulted to Barack Obama at the Bur-Mil Park polling location. Writes

Sher Coromalis...says she cast her ballot for Governor Mitt Romney, but every time she entered her vote the machine defaulted to President Obama.

...Guilford County Board of Elections Director George Gilbert says the problem arises every election. It can be resolved after the machine is re-calibrated by poll workers.

"It's not a conspiracy [sic] it's just a machine that needs to be corrected," Gilbert said.

...Marie Haydock, who also voted at the Bur-Mil Park polling location, had the same problem.

Is it my imagination, or is this problem that arises every election one where machines just always happen to malfunction in favor of Democrats?

I've said for a long time that this election is going to be the dirtiest in US history, mainly because the left moves ever further down the rabbit hole of relativism, which begets an end-justifies-the-means mentality. Moreover, I truly believe that these liberal political operatives can steal enough votes in swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico to turn them in Obama's favor and thus steal the election. Remember, you don't need an October Surprise when you have a November 6 Surprise.

And, just imagine, the United Nations-affiliated election monitors dispatched to our shores will be looking for vote fraud on the part of conservative groups.

Conservatives had better wise up, load up, and realize that this is a war.

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